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Ta-Dehnet, Lady-of-the-Peak.
Alternate meanings: The-peak.
[to Whom the twentieth day of July, day 201, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian: Thebes.
Description: Goddess of fresh air and healing; Ruler and Protectress of the dead; She Who watches over the dead in silence from Her sacred mountain top; She Who pursues him that transgresses against Her and smites him with the smiting of a savage lion; She Who is merciful to those Who call upon Her; Matron of the necropolis workmen.
See also the Goddess Anthology under Ta-Dehnet.
To Whom Sacred: cobra; scorpion; vulture; mountain; disk and horns.
Male Associates: Lover or friend, Osiris, ----, as God of the dead.

Source: Frankfort AER 77-78.
Mert-Sekert, Lover-of-Silence.

Alternate meanings: Friend-of-Silence, The-Lover-of-Him-Who-Makes-Silence.
Geography/Culture: Egypt. The necropolis at Thebes;
Description: Protectress of tombs in the desert; healer of sickness.
To Whom Sacred: snake; the funerary mountain at Thebes; fresh-air.
Iconography: She is usually represented as a snake Goddess, a uraeus with a woman's head, sometimes as a scorpion with a female head.
Male Associate: Lover, or friend, Osiris, ----, as God of the dead. Source: Lurker GSAE 80; Mercacante WWEM 95.
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