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Fatima, She-Who-Weans.
Alternate meaning: Creatrix.
[to Whom the twentieth-third day of January, day 022, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Pre-Islamic. Earlier than 622 CE. Arabia.
Description: Great Goddess of the moon and fate; Source of the Sun; Tree of Paradise; Mother of Her father; She Who existed from the beginning of the material world; Queen of heaven; Occupier of the seat of Dominion; Holy Virgin; She Who has never menstruated; Illuminator; She Who separates light from darkness; 'the Red-Cow Who suckles all the children of earth'; She Who is the Center of the genealogical mystery.
To Whom Sacred: {tulip (Farsi laleh -- with a line above the a -- anagram of Allah, symbol of martyrdom (this info is from the late Yusef Spires), a symbol of martyrdom is suitable for Her as having been forced to surrender and submition to Islamic patriachalism}; red-cow; crown; variegated lights; sword; the crescent moon (Arabic hilal which, as an anagram in Arabic of Allah, became the Islamic symbol which may yet be seen on the Islamic flag); Her hand, surmounting the solar disk; the index finger.
Iconography: She is visualized as crowned, seated on a throne holding a sword and ornamented with a million variecolored shimmering lights which illuminate the garden of paradise.
Male Associate: Islamicized and mortalized Her father was Muhammad. She has a son Ali, Exalted, or She bore three sons to consort: Ali.

Source: Funk & Wagnall SDFML 371; Parrinder WR 462, 468; Spires, Yusef, personal correspondence; Walker WEMS 52, 306, 309.
Al-Zahra, The-Bright-Blooming.

Geography/Culture: Arabian.
Linguistic Note: See Linguistic Note: under Al-Lat, Who is linked with Lat, for the element Al-.
Description: Perhaps a pre-Islamic Goddess in Her own right, or a title of the Great Goddess Fatima.

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