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Lat, Goddess.
[to Whom the fourth day of September, day 247, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Pre-Islamic Arabian. Egypt, Palestine. (Nabatean ?)
Linguistic Note: See Lady in the glossary.
Description: Mother Goddess of the sun, the earth, its fertility and fruits, trees and sea-trade; All-nourishing celestial breast; Fertile, benevolent, Ruler of human generation.
As Al-Lat She was considered so unshakable and immovable that an oath invoking Her was binding: "By the salt, by the fire, and by Allat who is greatest of all".
To Whom Sacred: trees, especially date-palm and olive; mice; the opposed thumb.
Male Associate: son, Nabatean Dusares, the Vine God worshipped in Egypt.

Source: M,P.BGH/10; G,R.GMv1/57, 80, 86; G,R.WG/198
Al-Lat, The-Goddess.

Geography/Culture: Pre-Islamic Arabian.
Linguistic Note: the element Al-, appears to be the pronoun, 'the'. {Is Allah, 'the God'? Try and check}.

Source: Encyc Brit v5 429.
Elat, `Goddess'.

Latona, `Queen-Goddess'.
Alternate meanings: `Queen-Lat'.

Geography/Culture: Roman. To the 6th c. BC Greeks The Land of the Hyperboreans, where She was born, meant Britain.
Description: Goddess of the moon; She Who determined the length of the sacred king's reign; Eponym of the Latin language.
To Whom Sacred: the number 19 (every 19 years is the approximate concurrence of solar and lunar time).

Source: WG.RG/140, 284, 292. worked on: August, June 1995; August 1991.
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