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Menat, Old-Woman.
Alternate meanings: Fate, or possibly {Moon-Goddess}.
[to Whom the eighteenth day of September, day 261, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Saudi Arabia: Pre-Islamic. She was venerated at Kodaid. Her principle sanctuary was between Mecca and Medina (approx 22.76n x 39.43e). After the destruction of Her shrine by Mohammed, She was masculinized.
Linguistic Note: most sources give Her name as Manat. The form above is retained for the possibility that men- has the usual etymological associations with the moon and the possibility the -at syllable is a diminuition of Lat, 'Goddess'.
Description: Goddess of the moon, destiny and old age: The force of fate; Decider of fortune, good and bad; Embodiment of death; Ruler of the underworld.
She was worshipped in the form of a black uncut stone {perhaps it is She Who remains so much revered as 'the black stone' in the Ka'bah at Mecca}.

Two other pre-Islamic Goddesses are also worshipped in the form of stones
and together with Menat seem to form a trinity:
Al-Lat The-Goddess, and Al-Uzza, The-Mighty.
Menat, Old-Woman,
may be the singular form of a triple Goddess of the moon composed of:
Al-Lat, The-Goddess, Al-Uzza, The-Mighty, and Q're, The-Holy.
but this is very uncertain.
Source: Monaghan BGH 200-1; {cant identify this ref M.RB/296}; New Larousse EM 322-3; Walker WEMS 487, 575.
Al-Uzza, The-Mighty.
Alternate meanings: Powerful-One, The-Strongest.

Geography/Culture: Pre-Islamic Arabia, Koreishites. She had a sanctuary south of Mecca (21.27n x 39.45e).
Description: Young virgin warrior Goddess of the morning star and the desert; some say also Goddess of the evening star; She Who is held in high honour; Mother of the Koreshite tribe who are the hereditary tenders of Her shrine; Protectress of Her people; She Who is addressed as 'My-Lady'.
To Whom Sacred: acacia tree (Her sanctuary was in a grove of them -- She may have been worshipped in the form of one); black meteorite stone (in which form She is worshipped); the planet Venus; the star Sirius (the dog star). She was probably offered human-sacrifice.
Male Associates: Her sanctuary was destroyed by Mohammed.

Source: Diner MA; Monaghan BGH 10-11; New Larousse EM 323; Walker WEMS 24.
Naila, Blue.

Geography/Culture: Pre-Islamic Arabian.
Description: Very ancient Goddess {perhaps of the sky}, still represented in Mecca by a standing stone.
To Whom Sacred: the colour blue.
Male Associates: She is said to have appeared in the form of a black woman Who fled away screaming and shrieking during the time of Mohammed's destruction of the idols.

Source: BHG/213; MOGocc/429; NLEM//323.
Q're, The-Holy
Alternate meaning: Holy

Geography/Culture: Semitic.
Linguistic Note: The fopho rendering is almost certainly incorrect.
Description: {Perhaps} Sun Goddess.

worked on: September, August, May 1995; August 1991; June 1990.
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