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Car, {Queen-Bee}.
[to Whom the third day of August, day 215, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Carian > Crete.
Linguistic Note: Car is a non-Greek name, but the following Greek words may be etymologically related: (kar) Kar, pl. kappa-alpha-rho-epsilon-sigma, (kares), 'a Carian': kappa-alpha-rho, (kar), 'hair cut off, a lock of hair'; kappa-alpha-rho-alpha, kappa-alpha-rho-eta, (kara, kare), 'the head, or top of anything': kappa-eta-rho-omicron-sigma, (keros), 'bee's wax'; kappa-eta-rho-iota-nu-omicron-sigma, (kerinos), 'of wax, waxen'; kappa-eta-rho-iota-omicron-nu, (kerion), 'a honey-comb'; kappa-eta-phi-eta-nu, (kephen), 'a drone': kappa-epsilon-rho-alpha-mu-omicron-sigma, (keramos), 'potter's clay, an earthen vessel, a jar used to confine a dead person'.
Description: Goddess of the moon, wisdom, augury, poetic inspiration, life and death; Eponymous Ancestress of the Carians.
To Whom Sacred: oak, acorns (as food); almond and walnut (both used festally in Her honour); bee and bee-keeping; terra-cotta bee-hives; bee and glove (bee-keepers trade device); wild-boar; the number 9; dance; dedication of locks of hair;
Festival: Comyria.
Male Associates: son Karu, Son-of-the-Goddess-Car. Her name and its language related variants came to be used for a god Car. The Curetes, whose name may mean Devotees-of-the-Goddess-Car, would therefore seem to be related to Her.

Source: Graves GMv1 42, 280, 289, 372; Liddell & Scott IGEL.
Cer, {Doom}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography: kappa-eta-rho. {Perhaps related to kappa-eta-rho-upsilon-xi, (keruks), 'a herald', in the sense of death's herald.} See also Car Linguistic Note. Related English word: perhaps cur, suggested by the Ceres, (below), Who were called 'The Dogs of Hades'.
Description: Black Goddess of fate, doom, destiny and violent death.
To Whom Sacred: [dog].

Source: IGEL 400, 431-2; New Larousse EM 90.
Cer-Thanatoio, {She-Who-Causes-Death}.
Alternate meaning: {Doom-of-Death}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography Cer, as above, and theta-alpha-nu-alpha-tau-omicron-iota-omicron, (Thanatoio).
Description: Goddess of death.

Ceres, {Bringers-of-Death}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: from kappa-eta-rho-epsilon-sigma, (Keres), generally: 'bane, ruin'; kappa-epsilon-rho-alpha-iota-zeta-omega, (keraizo), 'to assail fiercely, to slaughter'.
Description: Sombre, dark visaged Goddesses of spites, plagues, unseen ills and violent death; Those Who accompany Ares in battle; Those Who are eager to drink the black blood of the dying; The Dogs of Hades; Those clawed Beings with sparkling eyes and white teeth.
In later times They were regarded as the vengeful spirits of the dead.
To Whom Sacred: the colour red (They wore red robes).

Source: Graves GMv1 280; IGEL 428, 431; New Larousse EM 125, 163, 166; Kaster PCMD.
Cerdo, Wily-One.
Alternate meaning: The-Wise.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Argive. Spanish Pyrenees {where the Cerdana Valley is I think}.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography: kappa-epsilon-rho-delta-omega, (kerdo). Perhaps from kappa-epsilon-rho-delta-omicron-sigma, (kerdos), 'profit, advantage'; 2. 'love of gain'; pl. 'cunning arts, wiles, tricks'.
Description: Eponym of the Cerdana valley corn-land.
To Whom Sacred: fox, especially the vixen; weasel; the Spanish Pyrenees Cerdana harvest dance (perhaps first performed in Her honour).
Male Associates: consort Phoroneus, son Car.

Source: IGEL 429; Graves WG 68; Kravitz WWGRM 57; {See also GMv1/24.7; 57.a,1; GMv2/118.5. WG.RG/68 and others.}
Chaos, Infinite-Space.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek chi-alpha-omicron-sigma, (khaos), 'the first state of the universe'. 2. 'Infinite space, the expanse'. 3. 'the nether abyss, infinite darkness'.
Description: Chaos, the original void that preceded everything else, does not seem to have been attributed a sex.

Nyx, Night.
Alternate meanings: {Lightlessness}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Related word: night.
Description: Goddess of night and prophesy; Daughter of Chaos.
Male Associates: Brother/consort: Erebus. Sons: Aether, Upper-Air, Sky. Charon, ----. The Oneiroi, Dreams. The twins Hypnos (Roman Somnos), -----, God of sleep, and Thanatos (Roman Mors), Death, also called Paean, ----, the healing god. Momus, ---, God of fault finding and adverse criticism.

Source: WWGRM 11, 58, 115, 124, 158, 166, 170,
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