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Nemesis, Due-Enactment.
Alternate meanings: Allotment, Retribution.
[to Whom the twelfth day of March, day 071, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Attica, especially Rhamus where She shared a temple with Themis.
Description: Originally self-conceived, self-perpetuating pastoral winged Goddess of the moon, justice and immortallity; Shapeshifting Spirit of the year's seasonal cycle; Oracular crone of autumn; rain and thunderstorm Maker.
In patriachal times She became the Goddess Who brings divine retribution for acts of human injustice; She Who pursues the arrogant, insolent and wicked transgressors of the natural, right order of things with inflexible vengance.
To Whom Sacred: ash-tree; apple-bough; swan and hyacinth coloured egg; stag; lamb; silver crown with stags embossed; the colour white; wheel (of the solar year); scourge.
Male Associate: She was raped by Zeus when in Her seasonal swan-form.

Adrasteia, Inescapable-One.
Alternate meaning: She-Whom-None-Can-Escape.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography alpha-delta-rho-alpha-sigma-tau-epsilong-iota-alpha, (adrasteia), perhaps from a privative d-iota-delta-rho-alpha-sigma-kappa-omega, the inevitable.
Description: Oracular Crone of autumn; Goddess of thunder-storms, rain, retribution, and fate.
To Whom Sacred: ash-tree; sheep; bow and arrows.
Male Associate: She was nurse to the infant Zeus.

Anagke, Necessity.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: from Greek alpha-nu-alpha-gamma-kappa-eta, (anagke), of what must necessarily be so.

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