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Themis, Steadfast-One.
Alternate meanings: Natural-Law, Divine-Order, That-Which-is-Laid-Down-by-Custom, Righteousness.
[to Whom the twelfth day of July, day 193, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: She is especially honoured at Thebes, Aegina and, at Delphi where the oracle was Hers before Apollo usurped it.
Linguistic notes: Greek theta-epsilon-mu-iota-sigma, (Themis), 'that which is laid down or establised by custom, a law, ordinance'. Related English word: theme, that which is laid down, the subject of an argument.
Description: Creatrix; Great prophetic Power; She Who reveals what must of necessity occur; Goddess of the very existence of natural order; She Who represents the year divided at the solstices {perhaps more properly at the Equinoxes}; Ancient female sense of divine orderliness and justice; Bearer of all the primal laws of earth; She Who is the body of rules and precedents established at the world's beginning as garantee of its harmony and order; {Matron of physics and physicists}; Spirit of law and order; She Who summons the assemblies of Deities and people; She Who takes special cognisance of the rights of hospitality; Great Unshakeable Power; She Who supplies the social cohesion of convention.
To whom are sacred: group dancing; cornucopia (signifying the blessings from which flow order); scales; the planet Jupiter.
Male associate: consort, Zeus, whose advisor She is. Some say Her consort is Eurymedon. Sources: Graves WG 369 {see also Graves WG 376, 486}; IGEL; Kravitz WWGRM 38, 224.
Astraea, {Starry-One}.

Alternate meaning: The-Star-Maiden.
Description: Virgin Goddess of justice; She Who took up Her abode amongst the stars; She Who, out of compassion for humanity, was the last to leave, when the gods (aghast at the extent of human wickedness) abandoned the habitations of mortals.
To whom are sacred: a pair of scales; the constellation Virgo. Source: Kaster PCMD.
Ichnaia, She-Who-Tracks-Down.

Geography/Culture: Greek,
Description: She Who tracks down in order to mete just consequences; She Who seeks out the perpetrator of insolent encroachment on the rights of others.
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