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Antheia, Flowery-One.
Alternate meanings: Goddess-of-Blossoms, The-Flower-Goddess.
[to Whom the fourth day of January, day 003, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Cretan.
Linguistic Note: Greek alpha-nu-theta-eta-iota-alpha (antheia) from alpha-nu-theta-eta-omikron-nu, (antheon), a flower, blossom. Related English word: anther (that part of the stamen containing the pollen or fertilising dust).
Description: Goddess of spring vegetation, lowlands, marshlands, gardens, the budding earth, fruit-blossom, flowers and the flower of human youth, love and marriage.
Girls served in the temple of Hera-Antheia under the name of Flower-Bearers.
To Whom Sacred: flowers (especially flowers sent to weddings); {anthers; pollen; the colour yellow}; cuckoo (symbol of spring).
Festival: no exact date as yet -- Erosanthia, a flower-festival celebrated by Peloponnesian women in Spring. Perhaps related to the Anthesteria, an Athenian festival of blossoming flowers and the revocation of souls held from the 11th to the 13th of the month Anthesterion, around the end of February when the Greek spring was well begun.
Male Associate: consort, perhaps Anthedon, Rejoicing-in-Flowers, title of the Cretan spring-flower hero incarnate in every Late Minoan King.

Source: Monaghan BGH 135; Encyc Brit 13thv13 307; ET.JEH 275; GG.CK 60; GSM.KK; IGEL.
Themides, Steadfast-Ones.

Geography/Culture: Troezen, formed by Pittheus who united the towns of Anthaea and Hyperea into one city. (According to Graves the name Troezen may be a worn down form of trion hezomenon, [the city] of the three sitters.
Description: Matriachal Triple Goddess of the calendar cycle and justice; the Three Sitters.
To Whom Sacred: three white marble thrones (the seats of justice).

composed of
Anthea, *N3]1, Flowery
Goddess of spring
Hyperea, HÜP6R]1, Being-Overhead
Goddess of summer, when the sun is at its zenith.
Pitthea, PYT3]1, Pine-Goddess
Goddess of autumn
Pitthea is worshipped in the season when Attis/Adonis was sacrificed on his tree
Pittheus is a masuclinization of Her name.
Source: Graves GMv1 307, 324-6.
printed July 1990.
worked on: December 1995; August 1991.
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