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Antiope, Confronting.
Alternate meaning: With-Face-Confronting.
[to Whom the fifth day of January, day 004, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Thebes, Boeotia.
Description: Goddess of the new moon, & fertility; She Who sets the animals dancing at dusk; She Whose face is upturned to the sky, not down-turned to the underworld; She Who emerges from the darkness; Daughter of Night; She Who precipitates divinely induced madness; Queen of the Amazons.
Her myth is apparently deduced from an icon showing a priestess crouched in a tomb, presenting the New Year twins to shepherds, for revelation at the Earth Mother's Mysteries. The shepherds are instructed to report that they found the twins abandoned on the mountainside being suckled by some sacred animal.
To Whom Sacred: {buttercup (as a plant associated with fields were cows and horses graze}; {gad-fly (presumably the gad-fly dance refers to the gad-fly which harasses and maddens cattle and horses}; cow; {horse (since two of Her alternate names have meanings related to horses}; Mount Cithaeron (Her twin sons were exposed there); erotic gad-fly dance (in which the performers behave like heifers in heat); {the colours black and white}; golden girdle of Ares.
Male Associates: twin sons, Amphion, With-the-Moon-on-Either-Side-of-Him and Zethus, Seeker, (from rape by Zeus, Bright-Sky, in the form of a satyr), called the Dioscuri, Sons-of-Zeus worshipped with white horses. They are the morning and evening star, or the sacred king and his tanist. First consort, Epopeus, King of Sicyon; second consort Phocus. Son Hippolytos, by abductor Theseus.

Source: Graves GMv1 160, 257-8; Graves GMv2 index; WWGRM 26, 31, 186.
Dirce, Double.
Alternate meanings: Cleft, In-an-Erotic-Condition.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: the meaning of double, from Greek dikrous, forked, cloven, bifurcate, refers to the two horns of the moon. The alternate meanings are secondary meanings of the word.
Description: Goddess of the horned moon, jealousy and revenge; She Who rages on the mountains.
Her death, described as brought about by being tied by the hair to the horns of a wild-bull by the Dioscuri in revenge for Her treatment of their Mother Antiope is probably a mistaken interpretaion of an icon showing the ritual marriage of a priestess to the bull-king.
To Whom Sacred: wild-bull (to whose horns She was tied by Antiope's sons and dragged to death); Bircaean stream (moon-shapred -- said to flow from a spring which welled up from where Her dead body was flung to the ground); dungeon (in which She imprisoned Antiope, ie: perhaps the dark of the moon); erotic gad-fly dance.
Male Associates: consort, Lycus, son, Lycus.
Source: Graves GMv1 257-8; Kravitz WWGRM/82.

Metope, Forefront.
Alternate meaning: Headlong.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Male Associates: consort Asopus, the river God. Lover (perhaps), Sangarius.

Mother of twenty Daughters, including
Aegina, Goat-Strength, Who is linked with Britomartis, Sweet-Maiden.
Antiope, Confronting, above.
Chalcis, X*LKES, ----, Eponym of Chalcis, chief city of Euboea.
Cleone, KLAONA, Famous---, Eponym of a town between Argos and Thebes, Boeotia.
Corcyra. K4RKÜR1, ----, Eponym of the isles Corfu (Corcyra) and Korcula (Black Corcyre), to one or other of which She was abducted by Poseidon.
Ismene, ESMANA, ----. {See Kravitz 131, but there's nothing much there, no town reference}.
Metope, Forefront, Her Daughter self?
Plataea, PL*TAY1, ----. Eponym of a city between Attica and Boeotia.
Salamis, {Eastern}, Who is linked with Salmaone, Lady-of-the-East.
Thebe, 3ABA, ----, Twin to Aegina, and perhaps Eponym of Thebes, Boeotia.
Possibly the Mother of Hecuba, ----, Who is linked with Hecate, She-Who-Works-From-Afar, by Sangarius.
Titles/Variants, etc:
  • Metope, Forefront, is Sister of Daphoine, Bloody-One.
    Source: Kravizt WWGRM 52, 66, 68, 155, 193, 224.
    Otrera, ----.

    Geography/Culture: Greek?
    Description: An Amazon Queen.
    Male Associate: lover, Ares, god of war.

    Source: Kravitz WWGRM 173.
    worked on: December 1995; April 1992; August 1991; July 1990.
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