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Britomartis, Sweet-Maiden.
[to Whom the seventeenth day of April, day 107, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Cretan.
Description: Goddess of fertility, nature, (perhaps the moon), the sea, birth and health; Matroness of fishermen, sailors and hunters; Inspirer of the invention of fishing-nets.
To Whom Sacred: fish; snake; the number nine (She was pursued for nine months); fishing-net; arrows.
Male Associate: pursuer, Minos.

Source: EncycBrit; PCMD; Graves WG 402; WWGRMS/47.
Aegina, Goat-Strength.

Geography/Culture: Greek: the Island of Aigina in the Saronic Gulf, off Attica.
Linguistic Note: from Greek alpha-gamma-rho- omikron-sigma, (agros), wild-goat.
Description: Goddess of abundance, water, lustiness and justice; Eponym of an Island.
Male Associates: son, Aeacus, by Zeus, who carried Her off to the island which bears Her name. Her father was the river God Asopus.

Source: GMv2/index; IGEL/19.
Aphaia, Vanisher.
Alternate meanings: Not-Dark, Beautiful.

Geography/Culture: Greek: the island of Aegina.
Linguistic Note: Her name is of Semitic origin.
Description: Goddess of fish, the water they live in and the moon.
To Whom Sacred: {fish; aquarium; artificial ponds.}

Source: EB; Graves GMv2.
Carme, ----.

Geography/Culture: Cretan?

Dictynna, She-of-the-Casting-Nets.
Alternate meanings: She-of-the-Fishing-Nets, Netted-One.

Geography/Culture: Cretan.
Linguistic Note: from Greek diktuon, a casting-net, a net, a hunting-net.
Description: Goddess of nature, fertility, hunting and fishing; Inspirer of the invention of fishing nets.

Source: Graves GM index; IGEL 203.
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