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Brigit, Bright-Arrow.
Alternate meanings: High-One, Bright-One.
[to Whom the eighteenth day of April, day 108, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.
Linguistic Note: Related English word: bright.
Description: Originally She was a Triple Goddess: Brigit of hearth, fire, metallurgy and smithcraft; Brigit of poetry (which the Celts deemed an immaterial, supersensual form of flame), inspiration and learning; Brigit of healing and medicine; She Who inspired the skills of whistling and keening.
With the advent of Christianity She was mortalised and sainted.
To Whom Sacred: oak; fire; brass-shoe; cauldron; the number nineteen; Her priestesses were called "Daughters of the flame".
Festival: February 1st -- Feile Brighde, Brigit's fire festival.
Male Associates: sons, Ruadan and Dagda (but She is also called his Daughter). Consort, Bress.

Source: CML.CS/56, 78; Graves WG 143; Stewart WGMAS 42.
Saint-Bridget, Bright-Arrow.

Geography/Culture: Christianized Celtic: Irish.
Description: The Goddess Bridgit Christianized as:
Queen of the South; Mother of Jesus; Prophetess of Christ; She Who was born at sun-rise; from Whose head rose a pillar of fire when She took the veil; She Whose breath gives new life to the dead; She Who hangs Her cloak on the beams of the sun; She Who brings the first light of spring.
She is associated with many Holy Wells and therapy.
To Whom Sacred: Brigit's cross; sacred flame (in Her shrine at Kildare, tended on nineteen nights by Her nuns, but left on the twentieth night to be kept alight by Bridget Herself); the number nineteen.
Male Associates: Her priests had to be master-crafts-men.

Source: Stewart WGMAS 42.
Brigantia, ----.

Geography/Culture: North British: Brigantes.
Description: Mother Goddess and tribal Deity of the Brigantes; Eponym of the british Rivers Braint and Brent.
Probably the origin of the widespread Goddess Brigit.

Source: Stewart WGMAS 42.
Brignandu, ----.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Eastern France.

Brixia, ----.
Geography/Culture: Celtic: Gauls.
Male Associate: consort, Luxovius.

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