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Awonawilona, All-Container.
[to Whom the sixth day of January, day 005, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: American, North: Pueblo -- Zuni.
Description: Divine Shehe Who existed before all else; Erim from Whose being flowed "the mists of increasing and the streams of growing" when Shehe took the form of the sun and the primeval sea in fecund embrace.
Hermaphrodite Child: the green scum which formed over the endless waters and became firm which then divided into male and female aspects.

Awitelin-Tsita, {Earth-Mother}.
Alternate meaning: Fourfold-Vessel

Geography/Culture: American, North: Pueblo -- Zuni.
Description: Four-wombed Goddess of earth; Mother of all living things; She Who is the Daughter aspect of Awonawilona's hermaphrodite child; She Who lay in constant intercourse with Her lover, the sky, till Her four wombs were filled with his seed; She Who bore the human species; She Who is a Mother to Her people, the Zuni; She Who gave them the five directions; Maker of mountains; Creator of clouds.
Male Associates: consort, Apoyan-Tachi, {Sky-Father}; son, Poshaiyangkyo, ----.

Source: Monaghan BGH 38.
worked on: November, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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