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Arduina, {Lofty-Queen}.
[to Whom the seventh day of January, day 006, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: continental, especially the Ardennes Forest.
Linguistic Note: Latin ardu-us, high, steep, difficult. Old Norse ardr, Gaelic arad, plow. Old French ardour, Latin ardor, heat; French ardeur, burning. Perhaps related English word: ardor (British ardour), arid, and you'd think, arduous.
Description: Goddess of the moon, woodlands, fertility, hunting and {perhaps} witchcraft; Tutelary Deity and Eponym of the Ardennes Forest; Matron of its trees and wild inhabitants.
To Whom Sacred: {forest trees}; wild boar (Her mount); a fine for every animal killed in Her wood; perhaps cat (European folk belief held the cat to be the devil GB.JGF 760).

Source: BGH/25; GHC.MS/31; LWM/339; OED; WEMS/234.
Compiler's Note: In so far as She may be an aspect of Diana and therefore associated with witchcraft, it's possible the Christian bonfires (bone-fires) lighted in the Ardennes on the first Sunday of Lent, in which cats were roasted to death, (and through the smoke and flames of which sheep were driven to guard them against sickness and witchcraft), may have originally been sacrifices to Her. Arduina expected Her devotees to bring Her sacrificial animals, one of which may have been the cat.
The Slavic forms of Arduina's name certainly seem related to the name Diana, and so does Her description. The Slavs depict Her as:
Young and fair Goddess of the hunt; She Who rides a swift steed through the forests of the Elbe and the Carpathians, accompanied by a pack of hounds and with a weapon in Her hand.
Source: GB.JGF 707; NLEM 294.
worked on: December, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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