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Salmaone, Lady-of-the-East.
Alternate meaning: Willow-Mother.
[to Whom the twenty-eighth day of December, day 362, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean.
Linguistic Note: Composed of -onë, Lady, or Queen, and salma-, an Aegean word of wide distribution seemingly always connected with the idea of the east, though, according to Graves, this meaning may be secondary to that of willow. Compare Greek sigma-alpha-lambda-omicron-sigma, (salos), any unsteady tossing motion, as of the sea, or an earthquake, {or of willow catkins in spring breezes}. Possibly related English words: sallow, a type of willow; sallow, of a pale yellowish color.
Description: Goddess of Spring and the east; Queen of the rising sun and its yearly renewal; perhaps also Goddess of evening and the peace it brings; She Who gave Her name to a mountain, the most easterly cape of Crete, the island of Salamis, a city in Elis, the most easterly city in Thrace, the most easterly city of Cyprus, a village near Lusi, a tribe in southern Judea and two caravansaries -- one in Arabia and one in Lesser Armenia; {Matron of trade; Promoter of civilization}.
To Whom Sacred: willow; willow-branches waved in Her honor in spring; {perhaps the Beth Luis Nion letter S for Saille, willow, (possibly, says Graves, the custom of carrying sallow-willow branches on Palm Sunday properly belongs to the beginning of the willow month April 15 to May 12)}; the color pale yellow; the direction east; {salicylic acid (prepared from willow leaves and bark, sovereign against rheumatic cramps); perhaps, salmakides, a Greek term for courtesans}.
Male Associates: Male associate and perhaps consort: the rain-making oak King of Elis, Salmaoneus, Beloved-of-the-Goddess-Salma. His death, by Zeus, for imitating thunder and lightning, probably reflects the subduing of an earlier religion by invading Hellenes. Salma was used as a masculine name, perhaps originally as a title for Her mortal lover/king.

Source: Graves WG 174, 325, 345, 372-373; Harrison ET 81; Monaghan BGH 259.
Salamis, {Eastern}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Perhaps eponymic Goddess of Salamis, the Serpent Isle (opposite Athens).
Male Associates: abductor, Poseidon, He-Who-Gives-to-Drink-from-the-Wooded-Mountain. Son, Cychreus, Serpent, King of Salamis.

Source: Graves GMv1 212, 269; Larousse NEM 149; Kravitz WWGRM 208.
Salmacis, ----.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Caria. She has a spring near Halicarnassus in Asia Minor.
Description: Goddess and eponym of the spring (some say lake, some say fountain) Salmakis, fresh and limpid, which rendered effeminate boys or men who bathed in or drank of Her waters; [Matron of homosexuality].
Male Associate: Hermaphroditus, Hermes-Aphrodite, Whom She loved and became merged with as a bisexual being when he bathed in Her waters.

Source: Graves WG 132; Larousse NEM 132, 149; Rose HGM 148.
worked on: November, May 1995; July 1991.
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