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Zarpanit, Silver-Shining.
Alternate meaning: Seed-Creator.
[to Whom fourth day of April is, day 094, dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Babylonian, Assyrian, perhaps Sumerian.
Description: Lady of the Abyss; White pregnant Goddess of the moon, trees and the underworld; wells and springs; Ruler of heaven and earth; Mother of Deities.
To Whom Sacred: fresh-water; worship at moon-rise.
Male Associate: consort, Marduk, who assimilated Enlil (Bel).

Source: Kaster PCMD 31, 179; Mackenzie MBA 160.
Baalat, Lady.
Alternate meaning: Mistress.

Geography/Culture: Semitic.
Linguistic Note: probably from a Sinaitic script form of b'lt, with the Egyptologists vowel addition conventions.
Male Associate: Baal, Lord, Master.

Source: Davies EH 58; Kaster PCMD 28.
Belili, Great-Lady.
Alternate meanings: White-Goddess, Beautiful-One.

Geography/Culture: Sumerian, Babylonian.
Linguistic Note: Some say the name of Her consort, Bel, (generally translated as Lord), is a masculinization of Her name but philologists agree in finding single syllabic words the older form in a language; Belili is more likely a feminization of his name. Some say Her name is ultimately related to Slavic beli, white, Latin bellus, beautiful, Goidelic bile, sacred tree, Mediaeval Latin billa and billus, branch, trunk of tree. Related English word: billet.
Description: White Goddess of the moon, wells, springs, love and the underworld {the understanding world}; Queen of trees; Ruler of the north wind; perhaps Goddess of childbirth Who nourishes kings with Her milk.
To Whom Sacred: all trees, but especially willow.
Male Associates: son/consort, Bel, Lord, {...something missing perhaps ...} earth God. Brother/lover Du'uzu (or Tammuz), corn and pomegranate God.

Source: NLEM 56, 63-4; RG.WG 58-9, 239, 437.
Belit, Lady.
Alternate meaning: Mistress.

Geography/Culture: Babylonia: Nipur.
Linguistic Note: feminine form of Bel. Presumably related to Assyrian Beltu, Lady, {see Encyc Brit v7 632c for cuneiform}.
Description: She Who nourished kings with Her sacred milk; Bestower of sovereignty.
Male Associate: Bel, Lord, Master.

Source: Encyc Brit; Kaster PCMD 30; New Larousse EM 70.
Belit-Mati, {Lady-Mother}.

Geography/Culture: ??
Linguistic Note: for Belit-, see above. For the -Mati element a possible relationship with Russian Mati, Mother, suggests itself. See Mati-Syra-Zemlja linguistic note.

Nin-Lil, Lady-of-Power.
Alternate meaning: Lady-of-the-Winds.

Geography/Culture: Sumer: Nippur.
Description: Ruler of heaven and earth; Mother of the Deities.
To Whom Sacred: votive offerings.
Male Associate: son, Ninurta, Throne-Carrier by consort: Enlil.

Source: EBv3 683bc; MIE.RC 86.
worked on: December, August 1995; July 1990
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