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Zaramama, `Maize-Mother'.

Alternate meaning: `Grain-Mother'.
[to Whom the fifth day of April, day 095, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: South American: Peru.

Description: Goddess of sweet-corn and its harvest; Overseer of its mutations and domestication.

To whom are sacred: mutant corn-cobs (in which She is incarnate); especially large corn-cobs (in which She is immanent); corn-stalks; bins made of corn-stalks (in which after each harvest the largest and mutant cobs are placed till the following harvest - rites and sacrifices were made in their honour); willow-trees; festive dances (held round the willows on which corn-stalks were hung; after the dance the corn-stalks were burned, to aid a good harvest).

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: Funk & Wagnall SDFML 972; Monaghna BGH 311.

worked on: July 26, 1990; May 1995
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