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Zurvan-Akarana, `Infinite-Time'.

[to Whom the sixth day of April, day 096, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Armenian, Syrian, Iranian.

Description: Undifferentiated Principle of creation; Primeval Being; Shehe Who existed before heaven, earth and everything else; Great prophetic Divine fateful two-faced Shehe of time and destiny, darkness and light, sloth and activity, poverty and wealth, old-age and youth, decrepitude and health, doubt and certitude, falsehood and truth, prideful ignorance and wisdom, death and life, the microcosm and the macrocosm, anti-god and anti-demon, anarchy and royal authority. Though some say four-faced, of Procreation, Birth, Aging, and Return to the Infinite.

To Whom is sacred: the number 9000 (the number of years the first-born Ahriman will rule the kingdom of the world before his rule is replaced by the reign of Ormazd).

Male associates: sons (born from Herhis sacrificial acts, thoughts, and doubts concerning them): Ahriman (or Angra-Mainya), `---', the spirit of destruction and Ormazd, `The-Wise-Lord', (or Ahura-Mazda), the spirit of good.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Az, `Concupiscence'.

Geography/Culture: Persia (Iran): Manichaean.

Description: Demonic Female principle; She Who engenders sexual desire; She Who introduces doubt into certainty; She Who undermines the intellect; She Whose power will devour all that belongs to the followers of deceit; She Who is the very essence of Ahriman. As the Manichaean demon, she is "Mother of all evil spirits".

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: DWMAC 24. [though Jeh's from somewhere else, prob. B. Walker]

Spenta-Aramaiti, `Benign-Piety'.

Description: She Who is the serene and beneficent earth Herself; Incarnation of generous wisdom; Love as devotion, surrender, and confidence.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: C,A/DWM 23-4; C,R/MIE 44; G,P/LWM 196; K,SN/MAW 355-6; NLEM 316-18, 323; P,R/HG 133.

worked on: July 26, 1990; May 1995
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