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Nin-Kharsag, Mountain-Queen.
Alternate meaning: Lady-of-the-Great-Mountain.
[to Whom the fourteenth day of March, day 073, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Sumerian, Babylonian.
Linguistic Note: See Nin in the glossary. The rest of Her name, -Kharsag, stands in some relationship to Im-khar-sag, Storm-Mountain, the staged tower or sacred edifice at Nippur. See also Har linguistic notes, qv Kilili-Mushritu.
Description: Great Goddess, Mother of the earth; Creatress of humanity; Creative principal of fertility and fecundity; Creatress of the Divinities of healing; Matron of birth and rebirth; She Who advises on matters of marriage protocol; Giver of curses.
Perhaps, under some other name She was the "great primordial principle of fertility and fecundity" first worshipped by the Sumerians which was quickly dispersed into a crowd of divinities.
To Whom Sacred: snake; dog; [fox]; headress of leaves with rays on each side; the number 8 (plants She created from Enki's seed).
Male Associate: She calls Enki Her brother. {I think Her son must be Ninurta.}

Source: ANEv1/28; EB/v3/683b; LWM/59; BGH/219.
Nin-Durra, ----.

Geography/Culture: Sumer.
Male Associates: rand-Daughter and Daughter of Enki, who was also Her lover.

Source: LWM/59-60.
Nin-Hurra, Lady---.

Geography/Culture: Babylonian.

Source: Monaghan BGH 219.
Nin-Kharak, Lady-of-the-Mountain.

Geography/Culture: Babylonian.
Description: Goddess of healing.
To Whom Sacred: dog.

Source: ANEv1/80; BGH/220; EBv12/713d.
Nin-Mu, Lady-Who-Makes-Things-Grow.

Geography/Culture: Sumerian.
Description: Goddess of vegetation.
Male Associate: father and lover, Enki.

Source: Monaghan BGH 221; LWM/61.
Nin-Sar, ---
. NYN-S*

Geography/Culture: Sumerian, Babylonian.
Description: Goddess of plants.

Source: Monaghan BGH 221.
Nin-Sig, Lady-Who-Makes-Things-Turn-Green.

Geography/Culture: ?

Source: LWM 61.
worked on: December, May 1995; August 1991; August 1990.
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