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Phoebe, Moonlight.
Alternate meanings: Bright-Moon, Moon.
[to Whom the thirty-first day of January, day 030, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Fair Titanis of the sapphire-regioned moon; Goddess of all cycles of waxing and waning; Ruler of cleft-hoofed animals.
Goddess of the darker phase of the New Moon.
{I think I've used Selene's description to give a description to Pheobe.}
To Whom Sacred: a wreathe of gold.
Male Associates: consort/brother, Coeus, `Intelligence', or `Initiation'. Grandmother of Apollo. Later: She was carried off by the Dioscuri. Son: Mnesileus,----, by Polydeuces, (variant Pollux).

{the following references are to both Phoebe and Selene, try and sort them out.
Source: Graves GMv1 27,49,55,178,246; Kravitz WWGRM 36,189; Monaghan BGH 265; Walker WEMS 798. Also Check reference: Graves WG 390. }
Selene, Moon.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess of the Full Moon, the lunar cycle, waxing and waning, increase and decline, blessing and cursing; She Who, winged and crowned with a crescent moon, drives the lunar-chariot across the night sky.
To Whom Sacred: lion; two white horse/oxen (they draw the lunar-chariot); all animals with cleft hoofs; the mark C{+mirror image of C} (symbol of the full moon as opposed to O for the sun); the number 9; gold diadem; crescent; the new and full moon; [satellite of the planet Saturn].
Male Associates: lover, Endymion. Consorts: Pan, Zeus, Sisyphus, Actaeon. Son: Dionysus.

Source: NLEM
Mena, {Moon-Time}.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Description: Goddess of menstruation.
To Whom Sacred: the sacrifice of young puppies.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 153.
Mene, Measurer.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek mu-epsilon-nu-epsilon, (mene), 'the moon', ultimately from Indo-European root me, 'to measure'. Related English words: menses, menstruous, month, moon and many others.
Description: Goddess of the concept of measuring time by period of the moon's rotation of the earth; Eponym of the English month.

worked on: June, July, 1990; August, 1991; May, July 1995.
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