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Lucina, She-Who-Brings-to-Light.
Alternate meanings: Light, Bringer-to-Light.
[to Whom the twenty-ninth day of August, day 241, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman. A temple was built to Her on the Esquiline in 735 BC, only a few years after the foundation of Rome.
Description: Goddess of the moon, celestial light, conception and mothers-to-be; Saviour from sterility; Protectress of pregnant wives; She Who hears the entreaties of women in labour; She Who leads the embryo to the light of the sun; She Who provides safe-passage for infants; She Who is introduced to new born infants in luminus oras.
To Whom Sacred: lady-bird (coleopterous coccinella); the colours red, black and white; torches.
Festival: 1 March -- the Matronalia, Roman New Year, when (married women demanded money of their husbands to offer the Goddess of womanhood) matrons met and made offerings at Her temple in a grove on the Esquiline, after the ceremony it became a family festival. The mistress of the house its central figure; She recieved a present from her husband, and served her slaves at the table.

Source: Monaghan BGH 182.
Saint-Lucia, Light.

Geography/Culture: Sicily: Syracuse. Christian. Her relics are now preserved in Venice (azov 1950).
Description: She Who relieves the poor and deprived.
Mortalised and martyred.
Festival: December 13.

Source: Cozens CS 144.
Luna, Of-the-Moonlight.
Alternate meanings: Moon, She-of-Light.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Description: Goddess of the moon.
Festival: March 31 (March was the first month of the Roman year). Her sanctuary was illuminated throughout the night on these occasions.

She is sometimes conceived of as forming a Triad with
Diana, Divine-Queen, and Proserpina, Fearful-One.
Source: Graves GM; Kravitz WWGRM 143.
Noctiluca, Giving-Light-By-Night.

Geography/Culture: Italy: Roman.
Description: Goddess of the moon.
Festival: March 31st. Her sanctuary was kept illuminated throughout the night on these occasions. {Looks like I've created a confusion between Noctiluca and Luna, or is one the title of the other?}

Source: EA/Diana.
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