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Luonnotar, Daughter-of-Nature.
[to Whom the thirtieth day of August, day 242, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Finnish.
Linguistic Note: {I think -tar, or -otar, means 'daughter', (rather than 'nature', as one might surmise).
Description: Serene Mother Goddess; Virgin of the air; She Who participated in the emergence of the universe; Creatress of islands and peninsulas.
To Whom Sacred: eagle; duck; duck egg (which having fallen from the nest on Her knee, broke, and its parts became the world); the knee (the duck, some say eagle, built a nest on Her knee).
Male Associate: Son: Vainamoinen. He remained in Her womb 30 years.

Source: Monaghan BGH 183; New Larousse EM 300, 304.
Suonetar, {Daughter-of----}.

Geography/Culture: Finish.
Linguistic Note: As the element -tar, or perhaps -otar, seems to mean 'daughter' in Luonnotar 'Daughter-of-Nature', so perhaps here.
Description: Goddess of [life].
To Whom Sacred: veins; [blood].

Source: New Larousse EM 302.
worked on: August 1995; August 1991.
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