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Le-Hev-Hev, She-Who-Smiles.
Alternate meaning: She-Who-Smiles-So-We-Draw-Near-and-are-Eaten
[to Whom the thirty-first day of August, day 243, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Polynesia: Melanesian.
Description: Game-playing Goddess of life and death; She Who is incarnate in the female genitalia; She Who smiles so that we draw near and She can eat us; She Who meets the soul after death and tests it for worthiness -- if it is found unfit, She Who eats it; She Who manifests Herself in the spider, the crab and the rat.
To Whom Sacred: boar (offerings, so that She will not eat human corpses); sand-drawings (She tests the soul by expecting it to complete a diagram She draws in the sand); spider; crab; rat..
Source: M,P.BGH/176.

worked on: august 1995; August 1991.
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