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Rauni, Mountain-Ash.
[to Whom the seventeenth day of October, day 290, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Finnish.
Linguistic Note: although not indicated in my etymological sources, (and although Finno-Ugric, which I presume Her name to be, is not -- I think-- an Indo-European language), I feel that English: rain, can be considered a related word. Rowan, as the name of the tree is considered a northern term, by Skeats, of Scandinavian origin ultimately from Icelandic rauër, 'red'. Perhaps it was adopted as an English term for the tree because of its similarity to English: roan, which ultimately derives from Latin rauus, 'grey-yellow, tawny', or so the etymologists say. Or could Rauni be related to: roar, onomatpoetic for thunder.
Description: Goddess of the air, clouds, thunder, fecunding rain and harvest; She Who first brought plant life to the Earth's surface by Her intercourse with the thunder god; She Who gathers the clouds and makes the rain fall.
To Whom Sacred: mountain-ash (rowan, Pyrus Acuparia) and its berries; triangle; sextant.
Male Associate: consort, Ukko. God of thunder and the oak.

Source: Monaghan BGH 252; New Larousse EM 306; ODEE.
Ma-Emma, {Mother-Earth}.

Geography/Culture: Estonian. Baltic.
Description: Goddess of the earth and its fruitfulness; Controller of all creatures; She upon Whom humanity depends for food.
To Whom Sacred: tree (especially one standing alone in a meadow); pile of stones (especially the foundations of a burned house); first fruits (milk, butter, wool, placed on the ground with the words: "Mother, You gave to me, now I give to You. Accept from me what I have accepted from You".
Festival: Mid-summer fire festival (smoke used for purification of animals).

Source: Monghan BGH 186.
Maan-Eno, ---.

Geography/Culture: Esthonian.
Description: Goddess of the harvest and the fecundity of women.
Male Associate: consort, Ukko.

Source: New Larousse EM 307; Monaghan BGH 252.
Mader-Akka, {Mother-Woman}.

Geography/Culture: Finnish. Lapp.
Linguistic Note:: Finno-Ugric. Mader seems to mean, 'Mother'. See Akka in the glossary for the second part of Her name.
Description: Goddess of earth and birth; Controller of fertility; Mother of the triple Goddesses of human reproduction and fate.
Male Associate: consort, Ukko

Source: Monaghan BGH 185.
Uks-Akka, Door-Woman.

Geography/Culture: Lapp.
Description: Goddess of {embryonic development}; She Who lives under door-ways and changes female into male in the womb.
To Whom Sacred: door-ways.

Source: New Larousse EM 308.
worked on: October, May 1995; July 1991.
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