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Ceres, Creatress.
Alternate meaning: Corn.
[to Whom the tenth day of August, day 222, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman. At least prior to 495 BC. She shared a temple, dedicated in 493 BC, with Her children, Libera, and Liber).
Linguistic Note: Related English words: cereal, sincere (from sim, 'Plain', as in simple, and cere, 'corn', that is: winnowed grain, meaning the pure form).
Description: Goddess of agriculture, (especially corn, spelt and other grain), flowers, fruit, the harvest and corn-market; She Who is the force of vegetal growth; "Dame-Ceres, which art the original and motherly source of all fruitful things on earth".
After a severe drought in 495 B.C. She became completely identified with and submerged in Demeter Who was introduced from Greece at that time on the recommendation of the Sibylline Books.
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Ceres
To Whom Sacred: spelt; ear of corn; first fruits of the harvest; fox; pig (sacrifice); the colour white; the number 9.
Iconography: earliest known image approximately. 484 BC.
Festival: 19 April, Cerealia, (or the Ludi-Cereris games) from April 12-19. A festival in August which celebrates Her reunion with Proserpina. October 4, the Jejunium-Cereris, a fast.
Male Associate: son Liber.

Source: AC/pron; RM.SP/47, 58; WG.RG/71; WWGRM/57.
worked on: June, July, August 1990; August 1991; May, July 1995
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