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Fides, FEDAS, `Faith'.

[to Whom the sixth day of February, day 036, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman.

Linguistics notes: Related English words: faith, fidelity, confide.

Description: Ancient and hoary Goddess of faithfulness, trust, integrity, {cooperation}, honest and generous dealing between human beings; Embodiment of the basis of the human community; Overseer of oaths; Law-giver, invoked in all legal contracts. A Coin in her honor struck during the reign of Domitian (81-96 CE). In music, the noble and sacrificing mother of John of Leyden in Meyerbeer's opera Le Prophe(with backward leaning accent)te.

To Whom are sacred: the right hand; the color white; three senior flamines.

Festival: October 01. Her worship is very old, and said to have been founded by Numa.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: OED; WWGRM/101; WEMS/301; BGH/107 (nothing in EB).


Geography/Culture: Christian. Her head is enshrined at Agen, in Aquitain, where She was born.

Description: Beautiful Maiden; Matron of romance.

To Whom are sacred: the passing of a piece of bread three times through a wedding ring (to provoke a vision of one's future true love); [the number 3].

Festival: OCT 06.

Male associate: She refused to offer incense to Diana, when so ordered by Dacian, Prefect of the Gauls, and so was roasted to death, circa 290 CE.

Titles, Variants, etc.

worked on: August 6, 1991.
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