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Fura-Chogue, `Kind-Mother'.

Alternate meaning: `The-Beneficent-Female'.

[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of January, day 025, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: South America: Chibchas of Columbia. It is said She first appeared on the shores of the Lake Iguaque, located a few miles northeast of the city of Tunja.

Description: First Mother; She Who, at each delivery, bore four to six children and so brought forth the human race; Divine Ancestress; Mother Spirit of the waters; She Who emerged from Her mountain lake with the three year old child who became Her consort; Goddess of vegetation, fertility and harvest; Protectress of agriculture; She Who taught the arts of civilization -- peacefulness, order, religious rites and good manners -- to Her children.

To Whom are sacred: water-snake (which form both She and Her consort assumed, after many generations, on their departure from the world of humanity); dragon (some say they assumed the form of dragons); incense made from forest resins (burned in Her honor by the waters of the Lake of Emergence).

Male associate: son/consort, the child She brought with Her from the Lake.

Titles, Variants, etc.

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worked on: August 6, 1991; April 27, 1992.
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