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Ituana, Mother-Scorpion.
[to Whom the ninth day of November, day 313, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: South America: Amazon River people.
Description: Great Goddess of the Amazon river; She Who suckles earth's innumerable children at Her many breasts; She Who watches; She Who lives in, and rules the Afterworld at the end of the Milky Way; She Who arranges the reincarnation of individual souls.
To Whom Sacred: {the order scorpionida (solitary, nocturnal and predaceous arthropods. The most primitive land arachnids and the oldest, being known from Silurian fossils, scorpions are reputed to have been the first land animals. From Greek sigma-kappa-omicron-rho-phi-iota-omicron-sigma, (skorpios, 1) 'scorpion', 2) 'an engine of war'. Perhaps from sigma-kappa-omicron-rho-phi-iota-zeta-omega, (skorpizo), 'to scatter, disperse'); sight (scorpions have six to twelve eyes); the Amazon river and the means of travel it affords; the Milky Way Galaxy; the constellation Scorpio (it lies near the center of the Milky Way and abounds in nebulae and star clusters); promenade deux (the scorpion mating dance).]
Festival: Unknown.
Male Associate: For his consort the male scorpion extrudes and attaches a capsule of sperm to his body, he then grasps Her claws and dances Her into a position to accept the sperm mass. The live young She shortly brings forth ride on Her back till their first moult.
{Compiler's note: It has seemed important, in choosing among the many female inspiriting powers perceived and articulated by peoples of varying cultures, to include Goddesses about Whom relatively little is known. Ituana is choosen as representative of the area of the Amazon basin.}
Source: EAvol24/427; IGEL; MP.BGH/157.

worked on: October 1995; August 1991.
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