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Lilith, Nocturnal-One.
Alternate meanings: She-of-the-Night, Scritch-Owl.
[to Whom the third day of September, day 246, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Assyrian, Sumerian, Hebraic.
Linguistic Note: Hebrew lilatu, 'night'.
Description: Shapeshifting Great Goddess of the night, wisdom and judgement; Winged bringer of death, 'The House of Night'; She Who builds Her house in a hollow tree; Beautiful Queen of the Underworld and demons; Child devourer; Emasculator of young men; Lady of the beasts; Storms-bringer.
To Whom Sacred: willow; scritch-owl; lion; horns of cattle; mountain; looped rope/ring and measuring rod (symbols of judgement); four-horned headdress; protective amulets. Shapes: kite, pelican, owl, jackal, wildcat, wolf.
Iconography: winged and nude, wearing four-horned headdress, She holds looped rope or ring and measuring rod in each hand, stands with taloned feet on two reclining lions, on either side of Her an owl. Or She is nude, wingless, with long loose hair, pointed breasts, strongly marked genitals and chained ankles; (lit. descrip) "beautiful woman with long streaming red hair who flys about at night as an owl making away with children".
Male Associates: consorts, Adam and Yaweh.

Source: ARAS files; HG.RP/166-86; WG.RG/219
Lilatu, Night.

Geography/Culture: Hebraic.
Description: Demoness Goddess who ravishes young men at night in lonely places leaving them unsexed.

Lili, ----.

Geography/Culture: Hebraic {? I presume}.

Lilim, Children-of-Lilith.
Alternate meaning: Nocturnal-Ones.

Geography/Culture: Palestine.
To Whom Sacred: ass (symbol of lechery and cruelty: the Lilim were said to be ass-haunced).

Source: GMv1/190; WG.RG/219.
Lilit, ----.

Geography/Culture: Assyrian, Sumerian.
Description: Demoness.

Lilake, ----.

Geography/Culture: Ur. 2000 BC.

worked on: August, July 1995; August 1991.
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