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Mayahuel, Strangling-One.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of September, day 269, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: North America: Nahual, Aztec.
Description: Four-hundred-breasted great Goddess of the earth, the night, the night sky, hallucination and drunkeness; Nurse of the stars, those fish of the heavenly ocean; She Who assists women in childbirth; She Who sits naked on a throne of tortoises and snakes offering a cup of pulque to Her worshippers.
To Whom Sacred: a flowering branch (when they descended to earth to consumate their love She and Her consort Ehecatl became a tree with two branches one of which, expressing Her, bore flowers); maguey cactus, or century plant (from which the intoxicating pulque is made and on a throne of which She is sometimes shown sitting); mouse (who in some versions of Mayahuel's myth enabled Her to discover pulque); tortoise; snake; pulque; {mescal}; {tequila}; looped cord (used in delivery).
Male Associates: consort, Ehecatl, ----, god of wind, or according to some Xochipilli, Flowery-Prince, god of gambling.

Tzitzimitl, ----.

Geography/Culture: North America: Nahuatl, Aztec.
Description: Stern Goddess; Guardian of the sleep of Mayahuel, Strangling-One, till She was awakened by the caresses of Ehecatl; She Whose curses cracked the tree in which Mayahuel and Her lover Ehecatl were immanent.
Source: CR.GG/48; DFD.BGRAC/175-6; MP.BGH/196-7.

worked on: September, July 1995; August 1991.
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