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Rhpisunt, {Bear-Mother}.
[to Whom the twenth-first day of May, day 141, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North. Northwest coast - Haida.
Description: Bear mother Princess; She Who caused the Wolf-clan to become relatives of the bears.
To Whom Sacred: berries (which She was gathering when abducted by the Bear people); bear shit (which She stepped in while picking berries, and because of the loud insults to bears She made as a result, was abducted by the bear people); mountain goat-fat (which She used to keep Her skin smooth & gave some to MouseWoman); copper (pieces of which, at the recommendation of MouseWoman, She placed on top of Her own buried shit caused the bears to think She excreted copper); snow-ball (which She threw in the way of Her brother so he was able to discover Her whereabouts and return Her to Her own people).
Male Associates: Consort: PrinceOfTheBears. Sons: twin bear-cubs who became young men on the death of their father.

Source: C,B.MA/30-38
Mouse-Woman, '---'

Geography/Culture: America, North. Northwest coast - Haida.
Description: Goddess of magic; She Who assisted Rhpisunt to survive when captured by bears.
To Whom Sacred: wool (which She requested of Rhpisunt as payment for Her help); fat (which She requested of Rhpisunt as additional payment for Her help and protection).
worked on: July 31, 1991; May 1995.
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