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Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba , Unknown-Woman.
[to Whom the nineteenth day of March, day 078, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Cherokee.
Description: Crone Goddess of earth and vegetation; Wise Grandmother; She Who is food itself; Provider of plant foods from Her own body; Teacher of wisdom; Teacher of meat-eating and the lore of animals for the purposes of hunting.
To Whom Sacred: maize corn-meal; beans; blood-clot (found on the path She customarily walked and from which arose an infant boy, Her son); pot (with which She covered the blood-clot; also into which food dropped from Her vagina when She rubbed Herself privately); blue mountain; fire (She told the grown boy to set fire to Her house after he'd discovered the source of their meals -- from it's ashes arose all the edible plants in the world).
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba.
Male Associate: son, unnamed hunter.

Source: Monaghan BGH 228.
Kochinnenako, Yellow-Woman.
Alternate meanings: Woman-Woman.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Keres. Laguna.
Description: The Mother of us all; She Who commands great respect; Spirit of Woman; She Who is central to the harmony, balance and prosperity of the tribe; She Who through Her ritual brings female power to Her people and ushers in the change of season from winter to summer.
To Whom Sacred: cactus leaves (which were eaten in winter before the return of summer); corn and melon (summer food); the color yellow (among the Keres, yellow is the color for women -- on certain ceremonial occasions women paint their faces yellow); the direction northwest (associated with the color yellow).
Festival: annual ritual mask-dance related to the coming of summer, and of allowing summer entrance to the village, permission granted by a human impersonator of Kochinnenako, Yellow-Woman.
Male Associates: rival consorts Sh-ah-cock, Spirit-of-Winter, and Mi-o-chin, Spirit-of-Summer, corn spirit; sometimes father, sometimes son: Hutchamun-Kiuk, Remembering-Prayer-Sticks, twin sons (unanamed).

Source: A,PG.SH 29, 128, 226-32, 239.
Selu, Corn-Woman.

Geography/Culture: American, North: Cherokee.
Description: Goddess of food; She Who guarantees the provision of Her peoople with food and their connection to the Goddess; She Who made the first food from Her body seed.

Source: Allen SH 25.
worked on: October, June 1995; August 1991; June 1990.
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