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Olwen, `She-of-the-White-Track'.

[to Whom the twenty-third day of March, day 082, is dedicated]

Alternate meanings: `Leaving-white-footprints', `Golden-wheel'.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Welsh.

Description: Broom-yellow haired, rosy-cheeked Goddess of poetic inspiration, love and the summer sun; Smiling May-queen; wood-anemone-fingered White lady of day; Flower-bringing Golden wheel of summer; Overcomer of obstacles; Sorceress.

To whom are sacred: anemone; white-trefoil; rose; hawthorn; wild-apple; finger-rings; collar of red-gold; the number 13 (the number of obstacles put in the way of Her marriage by Her father); the evening-star (or maybe the morning-star).

Male associates: Consort, Culhwch (Kilhwych) `Sow's-son'. Father, `Giant-Hawthorn-Tree'.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: BGH/228; GMv2/220; WG.RG/41-2, 209, 393, 434.

Blathnat, `Little-Flower'.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.

Description: Goddess of the moon, spring, summer, inspiration, wisdom, sexual love, life and death.

To Whom are sacred: owl; cow; cauldron (of plenty); the number three.

Male associates: the rival lovers: Curoi, ----, and Cuchulain, ----.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: CM.PM/101; WG.RG/316.

Blodeuwedd, `Flower-Face'.

Alternate meaning: `Fair-Flower-Aspect'.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Welsh.

Linguistic note: the Welsh word for an owl is blodeuwedd, the owl is perceived as flower-faced.

Description: Fairest and most graceful White Goddess of wisdom, love, the moon, and the sea; Maiden of Spring; She Whose Her fingers are whiter than the ninth wave of the sea; She Whose home is the Milky-Way Galaxy.
She is part of a seasonal pentad:
Arianrhod, `Silver-Wheel', Goddess of birth.
Arianrhod, Goddess of initiation.
Blodeuwedd, `Flower-Face', Goddess of love.
Blodeuwedd, Goddess of wisdom.
Ceridwen, `Inspirational-Whiteness', Goddess of death.
or, when the two Arianhrods and the two Blodeuwedds are not distinguished, She is an aspect of a triad.

To Whom are sacred: the blossom of primrose, cockle, bean, nettle, chestnut, oak, broom, meadow-sweet, hawthorn or white-flowering trefoil, (the 9 white flowers of which, in patriachal times, it was said that She was fashioned); owl (into which, in patriachal times, it was said that She was transformed); goat (signifying fertility in cattle); stone (according to some researchers She was created from flowers and stone); the number 9 (9 is the prime moon number, it draws the tides and the 9th wave is traditionally the largest -Ä She was created from 9 blossoms); as Goddess of love, the letter `U' (ura, `heather', in the Beth-Luis-Nion writing system); as Goddess of wisdom, the letter `E' (eadha, `white-poplar, or aspen', in the Beth-Luis-Nion writing system); the Milky-Way galaxy.

Male associates: consort, Llew-Llaw-Gyffes, ----. Rival lover: Grown-Pebyr, ----.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: CML.CS/265; WG.RG/314-5, 321, 403-4.

worked on: August 1991; January 1992; June 1995.
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