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Etain, Shining-One.
Alternate meanings: Swift-One, Rich-Gift.
[to Whom the fifth day of October, day 278, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish. She is one of the Tuatha de Danaan, 'People of the Goddess Danu'. Latitude: 51 54 N - Longitude: 8 30 W (of Cork). Her residence is the sidh of Bri Leith, now called Slieve Golry, near Ardagh in Munster. She is mentioned in a ninth century A.D. original manuscript.
Linguistic Note: The language of origin is Irish Gaelic. (The pronunciation of Her name as rendered above is as I've lately discovered incorrect. The T should definitely be D, the whole perhaps: ADINY. The major revision of Her Cycle that such a change would entail is not planned till about 2000.)
Description: Shapeshifting Triple Goddess of the sun, water, beauty, fragrance, music and the transmigration of souls; Loveliest of maidens; Bestower of sovereignty; She Who warns against deception; She Who lives in a griane, a house open to the sun; She Who most easily fits into the congenial company of The Land of Women.
To Whom Sacred: swan (in which form She flys with Midhir); mare; the color purple; the number 7 (the number of years She remained in the form of the fly after which, having been swallowed by a certain woman, She was reborn in a mortal form and given Her own name); jeweled goblet (which She hands the king as the symbolical act of marriage); crystal sun-bower (in which She lived in Her fly form).
Transformations: pool of water, which turns into a worm which turns into a purple fly of great size and radiant beauty which fills the air with music and fragrance.
Festival: the Feast of Tara (date unknown) during which the marriage of mortal king and Goddess was ritually re-enacted. (The Goddess signifies the land to which the king is married.)
Male Associates: consort, Midhir, god of the underworld, from whom She was abducted by Angus, god of love. In one of Her mortal aspects She was the Queen of Eochaid Airem, Eochaid-the-Ploughman, a king of Ireland who reigned at Tara.

Sources: Evans Wentz The Fairy-faith in Celtic Countries 374-376; Monaghan Book of Goddesses and Heroines 100-1; Jackson A Celtic Miscellany 181-182, 325-327, 332; Powell The Celts 150, 154; Squire Celtic Myth and Legend 57, 136, 147-52, 154, 333.
Etan, ----.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.
Male Associates: son, Cairpre, bard of the Tuatha De Danann, by congenitor Ogma, Sun-Face, (also called Cermait, Honey-Mouthed), god of eloquence and literature. Daughter of Diancecht, God-of-Health. {I can't find a name for Her Mother}. Ogma, Etan's consort, and Midhir, Etain's consort and Angus, Etain's abductor, are all brothers.

Source: Squire Celtic Muth and Legend 57, 61-62, 87.
Fuamhnach, ----.

Geography/Culture: Irish Celtic.
Description: Goddess of cunning and magic; Queen of the Fairies; She Who raises the wind.
To Whom Sacred: wand (She strikes Etain, with a rod, bringing about Her transformations).
Male Associate: consort, Midhir.

Source: Squire; Evans Wentz.
worked on: September, June 1995; October 1993; August 1991; July 1990.
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