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Epona, Divine-Mare.
Alternate meanings: {She-Who-Names}, Horse-Goddess.
[to Whom the eighth day of November, day 312, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: European Celtic. Pre-Roman Gaul. Adopted by the Roman cavalry.
Linguistic Note: though some derive the word pony from the same root as foal, it seems possible that Her name may have been the origin of the term.
Description: {Perhaps Triple} Goddess of the year, rushing rivers, {transportation and extended human mobility} and perhaps also of fertility; Guardian and Protectress of horses, asses, mules and all who had to do with them; Bestower of sovereignty; {Eponym of eponyms}.
To Whom Sacred: white-mare; {pony}; {filly}; horse in general (as incarnation of "the spirit of the year"); pig (sacrifice); horse-racing; hobby-horse; mummers dancing; whiteness; threeness; cauldron; perhaps the white horse of Uffington; {horse-shoe}; {horse-power (unit of measurement)}; perhaps the month of October could be appropriately sacred to Her since it is the month of the horse festival.
Iconography: She often riding a horse side-saddle and sometimes carrying an object, perhaps a fruit, in Her right hand; feeding colts; surrouded by horses - sometimes with a triad of horses above, below, or on either side of Her.
Festival: In October a Horse Festival which would include a horse sacrifice, and the horse-flesh eaten ritually. At all other times there was a taboo on eating horse flesh.

Source: Monaghan BGH 95; PM.CM/51, 51*, 55, 81, 81*, 89, 136*; EBGH/95; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 346; Graves WG.RG 385.
worked on: October, May 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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