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Deae-Matres, Divine-Mothers.
[to Whom the first day of May, day 121, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Continental Gauls, Roman times.
Description: Triple Goddess; Divine Sorceress; Ruler of earth's and of humanity's fruitfulness; Those Who dispense gifts to people and blessings to children and young people; Those Who are associated with the giving of names.
To Whom Sacred: flowers; baskets of fruit; cornucopia; babies.
Iconography: They are usually represented seated, surrounded by children, or fruit.

Modron, Great-Mother.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Welsh.

Matrona, Divine-Mother.

Geography/Culture: Celtic, Roman time. Continental Gallic.
Description: Eponym of the river Marne.

Matr(s), Mother(s)
Alternate meanings: Divine-Mother(s).
Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: {add from Oxford Etymological dictionary}. Related English words: mother, maternal, matriachal, matronage, matron, matter, material.
Description: Those Who are the origin, the source of all being; Those Who incarnate the reproductive forces of Nature.
worked on: October 1995; July 1990; June 1991.
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