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Freya, Dearly-Beloved
Alternate meanings: Lady, Mistress, {Friend}.
[to Whom the third day of February, day 033, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Scandinavia: Norse. The sacred grove of Freyr at Uppsala stood for the body of Freya, Dearly-Beloved.
Linguistic Note: Related words: free, (from Anglo Saxon freo, cognate with Gothic fries, (base *frijo); German frei. Closely connected with Sanskrit priya-, beloved, dear, agreeable); friend, (from Icelandic frja, to love); friday (from Anglo Saxon frige+dag, genitive case of Frig, Icelandic frja-dagr. Teutonic type (of Anglo Saxon Frig) is frija, dear, beloved, free. Sanskrit priya, wife, loved one.
Description: Shape-shifting White Goddess of magic, midsummer, the moon, the sea, beauty and love; She Who is associated with death and the realm of the dead; Leader of the Valkyries; Keeper of half of those slain in battle; Leader of the primal Matriachs; Ancestress; Virgin Mother; Ruler of the Vanir, Those ancient Deities of peace and plenty; Spirit of earth's fertility; Essence of sexuality; (perhaps Wife to early kings); She Who is called upon by women in labour; She Who is associated with birth and child-naming; Ruler of fate; Teacher of Seidr (sorcery, prophesy and divination); She Whose principles are right living, justice, honour and peace.
To Whom Sacred: cowslip; apple; goat; raven (one of Her shapes); falcon; cat (two cats draw Her chariot, sometimes She rides one); boar called 'Goldenbristles' and Hildsvin, 'Swine of battle'; mare and horse; net; Brisingamen necklace (or girdle) of gold (or amber); Her tears (which are of gold); volva Her seeress; trance states; boar helmet or mask; feathered cloak (symbol of spirit journeyings, such as may have been made in trance states by Her volva); horn.
Male Associates: brother/son/lover, Freyr, (Frey), Lord. He was born of his Mother/Sister/Bride at the Yule solstice. Lover Ord, (Odin).

Source: Branston LGE 155; Davidson GMNE 48-9, 74, 88-93, 96, 105-6; Graves WG 127, 259, 403; Monaghan BGH 110-11; New Larousse EM 274; Skeat EDEL; Walker WEMS 324.
Afliae, `Powerful-Ones'.

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Description: The Primal matriachs.

Source: Walker WEMS 324.
Disir, `Divine-Grandmothers'.
Alternate meanings: `Primal-Matriachs'.

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Description: Primal Matriachs; Those Who are great in magic.

Source: Walker WEMS 239.
Hnossa, `Jewel'.

Geography/Culture: Scandinavian.
Description: Youthful Goddess of infatuation.
To Whom Sacred: Her name was used of precious stones by Her worshippers.

Mardoll, `---'.

Description: Goddess of the beauty of light on water.

Vanadis, `Leader-of-the-Vanir'.
Description: Matriach of the Vanir, the elder Deities who ruled before the arrival of the patriachal Aesir, `Asians'. Source: Walker WEMS 1042.
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