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Macha, Battle,
Alternate meanings: Raven, Great-Queen-of-Phantoms.
[to Whom the seventh day of September, day 250, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish. She has a Shrine at Emain Macha, Ulster.
Description: Shapeshifting Mother Goddess of the moon, fertility, fate, human warfare and death; She Who hovers over warriors on the battlefield inspiring them with fighting madness; She Whose voice summons men to death; She Who makes magic with the blood of slain men; Sorceress of atmospheric phenomena; Eponym of Emain Macha; Giver of curses.
To Whom Sacred: hooded-crow (in which She sometimes manifests Herself); horse; Macha's acorn crop (battle trophies of lopped off heads); the curse of Macha; the mesred machae (the pillars on which Her acorn crop was displayed; Emania, (the heavenly form of Emain Macha and Her realm of death).

She is sometimes said to be triple:
Macha, Battle, wife of Nemed,
Who could out-run horses and Who in dying cursed the men of Ulster
causing them to be stricken with labour pains in times of danger.
Macha, Battle, wife of Cruchchu.
Male Associates: consorts, Camulus, Nemed and Cruchchu.
Mab, Mead.
Alternate meanings: {Youth}.

Geography/Culture: British folklore.
Linguistic Note: Since the found definition of the name of the Irish Madb, (below) is 'intoxicating-one', the above definition of Mab as 'mead' suggests (especially coupled with their other characteristics), that Mab and Madb are actually identical rather than the former derived from the latter. The assumption of difference between them having occurred from English speakers incorrect pronounciation of Her written name and consequent inability to recognise Who is being referred to when hearing Her name pronounced correctly. The Welsh meaning of mab, is 'youth'.
Description: Fairy Queen; Bestower of sovereignty.
To Whom Sacred: a red liquor.

Maachah, ----.

Geography/Culture: Hebraic. The mountain-top temple of Machaerus may have been named after Her.
Description: Queen; {Goddess of mountains and trees}.
To Whom Sacred: worship in groves.
Male Associates: son, King Asa.

Macha-Alla, ----.

Geography/Culture: Central Asian.
Description: Goddess of the moon, life and death.

Madb, Intoxicating-One.

Geography/Culture: Irish Celtic, Connaught.
Description: Probably originally a fighting and fertility Goddess; Queen of Connaught and the Sidhe; Powerful Sorceress; Enemy of the heroes of Ulster; Bestower of sovereignty; She Who requires of Her consorts that they be "without niggardlyness, without jealousy and without fear".
To Whom Sacred: cattle; a cauldron of red liquid.
Male Associates: consort, Ailell, or Conchobar.

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worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991.
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