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Morrighan, Great-Queen.
Alternate meanings: Phantom-Queen, Queen-of-the-Demon.
[to Whom the twenty-fifth day of September, day 268, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.
Description: Triple Shapeshifting Warrior Goddess of fertility, battle, slaughter, fate, and death; Those Who signify death by violence; Those Whose weapons are supernatural powers of magic; Those Who are invoked by war-horns imitating the croaking of ravens; Those Whose dread presence causes terror; Those Who are associated with rivers; Those Who manifest Themselves as a woman seen at the ford before battle, washing the bloody clothes of those destined to die in the fight.

Composed of:
Ana, Queen, the Malignant. Badb, Boiling. Nemhain, Frenzy.
To Whom Sacred: cauldron; the mast of Morrighan, (i.e. the skulls of men freshly killed); the Paps of Morrighan, (geographical formation).
Shapes: beautiful young woman; eel; wolf; red-heifer; horse; raven; hooded-crow (They have been known to appear as three hooded crows).
Iconography: In singular She is described as `big-mouthed, swarthy, swift, sooty, lame, with a cast in Her left eye'.
Festival: She is associated with Samain, Novemeber 1st. She also makes an annual marriage with Dagda.
Male Associates: in Their singular form, Her consort is the Dagda. Source: Graves WG 143, 370, 375. (69)pp. 66-7, 86-7, 90, 106.

Badb, Boiling.
Alternate meanings: The-Crow, Hooded-Crow, Raven.

Geography/Culture: Irish Celtic.
Description: Shapeshifting Goddess of war and fate; Inciter; Haunter of battle-fields; Wielder of magic; She Who causes confusion.
This is also a collective name for all Gaelic war Goddesses.
To Whom Sacred: all large black birds of the crow family (the shape She frequently assumes); crane; cauldron.

Source: SC.CML/?; GR.WG/370.

Badb-Catha, War-Fury.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.

Source: Squire CML 276.
Cathubodva, War-fury.

Geography/Culture: Gaulish.

Source: Squire CML 267.
Nemhain, Frenzy.
Alternate meaning: Venomous-One.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.
Description: She Who creates panic amongst fighting men.

Source: MacCana CM 86, 90; Campbell MGocc 305; Kaster PCMD; Graves WG 370.
worked on: September, May 1995; August 1991
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