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Mawu, ----.
[to Whom the eighth day of September, day 251, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Africa, West: Dahomey.
Description: Omnipotent Creatrix of all life; She Who created the mountains, the valleys, the hills, all, all, She created; She Who set the sun in the heavens; Mother of All; She Who lends part of Herself to every person; She Who breathes the breath of life into each -- and will suck it out when She chooses.
To Whom Sacred: Sekpoli, 'soul', or essence of life (that part of Her being which exists in every person and, because this is so, the reason why agrression and fighting are wrong); mat made of a coiled strip (the form in which Aido-Hwedo lies as he upholds the world).
Male Associate: Aido-Hwedo, ----.The primeval serpent. During initial creation She rode in his mouth. Subsequently he became the supporter of the world.

Source: S,M.AMWv1/137-40
Gbadu, ----.

Geography/Culture: Africa
Description: First woman; Guardian of Mawu's creation; Goddess of divination.
To Whom Sacred: palm tree (on which She sat gaurding Mawu's creation); palm-kernels (the use of which for reading omens She taught Her daughter).

Source: S,M.AMWv1/138-9.
Mawu-Lisa, `----'.

Geography/Culture: Africa, west: Fon of Dahomey.
Description: Divine Shehe -- Mawu, , ----. is older, kindly Goddess of wisdom and the gentle and refreshing moon, under whose cool and brilliant light people tell stories and dance. She controls the night and dwells in the west. Lisa, ----, is younger, fierce and harsh god of the sun, strength of the world, who dwells in the east.

Source: P,GAM/67.
Nana-Buluku, ----.

Geography/Culture: West Africa: Fon of Dahomey.
Description: Primordial Mother and Creatrix of the world; Source of divinity.
Male Associates: son, Lisa, ----, brother/lover of Mawu, ----.

Source: BGH/214.
worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991.
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