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Rati, Delight-Giver.
Alternate meanings: Passion, Loveplay.
[to Whom the twentieth day of October, day 293, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Ravishing Nymph of desire and love; She Whose form is totally entrancing; She Who is luminous as the lightning; beautiful and blissful Goddess of spring, love and sexually passionate nights; She Whose movements are quick and Whose glances are penetrating; She Whose breath is like the perfume-laden spring breezes of the south; She Whose breasts project like a pair of golden lotus-buds.
In a mortal form She was a cook.
To Whom Sacred: lotus-buds; fish (in the belly of which, while She was cook, She found the infant Kama after he'd been annihilated by Siva, and reborn); gazelle (with which Her eyes are compared); blue-black beetles (to which Her nipples are compared); perhaps peacock (symbol of impatient desire); south wind (which arouse in the heart the yearning for love); cymbal (which She sometimes holds).
Male Associates: Consort: Kama. God of love.

Source: IV.IM/86, 88; 96; SM&J.HDH/248; ZH.KC/249-50.Image: IV.IM/86
Kelikila, Wanton.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.

Source: Stutley HDH 248.
Rati, Erotic-Delight.

Geography/Culture: Balinese.
Description: Motherly principle of the Universe; Goddess of life, fertility and love; All nourishing breasts, ever pregnant womb; Ambivalent, ambiguous one, sheer nature.

worked on: October, July 1995; July 1991.
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