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Maya, Wonderful-Skillful-One.
Alternate meanings: Supernatural-Power, Form-of-the-Formless, Illusion.
[to Whom the eleventh day of September, day 254, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani: Burma and Southern Buddhists.
Description: Primordia Mother Goddess of the universe; Great goddess of supernatural powers; Substance of the world dream; Energy of the continuously transforming transitoriness of life; Grand Illusionist; Magnificent dance of multiplicity which hides from our senses the essential identity of all; She Who is the constant movement of the universe pervasive to the atomic level; She Who weaves the mesh through which we may percieve the ultimate reality of existence; Womb of unbounded space; She without Whom there is no life.
To Whom Sacred: {atoms; dreams}.
Male Associates: Sometimes Visnu, Pervader, is called Her consort, or She is considered his Feminine Principle. In Her mortal incarnation as Queen Maya, Her son is the Buddha, (Enlightened-One) Sakyamuni, Sage-of-the-Sakyas.

Source: FWSDFML/695; S,M&J.HDH/242.
Lalita, Spontaneous-One.
Alternate meanings: Free-Motion, Playfulness.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Great Virgin Goddess of artistic playfulness and spontaneous creativity; Divine essence of the Universe; She Whose form is the universe; Eternal-One embracing all women; Entrancer of the world; Personification of lila.
To Whom Sacred: lila, 'play', (or 'display'), of ever-moving forces and energies like the play of water in a fountain.

Source: HDH/161-2. See also "Hymns to the Goddess", page 103.
worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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