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Sakti, Divine-Energy
Alternate meanings: Divine-Power, {Divine-Invigorating-Sexual-Energy}, Courage.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of December, day 360, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: {Although one might expect Her name to be pronounced $1KTE as a match to Siva, $EV1, in fact the initial gram of Her name is different from the initial gram of Siva's name.} Sanskrit sakti, divine energy as the activating principle of existence. Compare Latin Anima, vital breath; Hebrew Ruah, spirit.
Description: Goddess of cosmic energy; Will of evolution; Female generative principle of active, dynamic potency; She Who gives birth to all force and all form; She Who is the energy by which human beings may ritually come into contact with the divine; She Who, if worshipped by women on one day a year, averts evil for the rest of the year.
To those who worship Sakti, Divine-Energy, all Goddesses are aspects of Her and She is the empowerment of Gods.
To Whom Sacred: yoni, (vulva); sakti (spear or javelin which greatly increased the fighting power of a warrior).
Male Associate: consort, basically Siva.

Source: Stutley HDH 260.
Mahadevi, Supremely-Great-Goddess.
Alternate meanings: Great-Goddess, Goddess-of-the-Great (i.e. the deities).

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddess of cosmic energy; Virgin of celestial loveliness; She Who created the Divine-energies of the Trimurti.
All Saktis are aspects of Her.
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Mahadevi.
To Whom Sacred: the three colors white (from which She created Sarasvati, She-Who-Flows-Eloquently-Onward), red (from which She created Laksmi, Sign) and black (from which She created Parvati, She-of-the-Mountains).
Male Associates: son, Budha, personification of the planet Mercury. Consort: Mahadeva.

Source: Stutley HDH 171; Woodroffe HGHK.
worked on: September, May 1995; July 1991; July 1990.
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