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Rohini, Red-One.
Alternate meaning: Ruddy-One.
[to Whom the sixteenth day of October, day 288, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: {Looks to me as though I've got the pronunciation wrong, it should more likely be: ROHENE}.
Description: Fine-eyed Goddess of the stars, probably the moon, and the rising-sun; Ruler of the annual cycle; Protecting Divinity of cattle and human offspring; Light of knowledge; Dispeller of ignorance.
To Whom Sacred: open lotus-flower; celestial bird; white, red or bay mare; doe (in which form She is pursued as a Naksatra, ----); striped snake (on which She stands); cakra (wheel, disk); one-wheeled chariot (i.e. sun symbols); one of the reddish stars in the constellation of Taurus.
Male Associates: male counterpart: Rohita, The-Red. Consort: Soma, the moon.

Source: LWM/232; Stutley HDH 251.
Naksatra(s), ----.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddesses of the phases of the moon, and ritual skill; Those Who grant blessings and well-being when implored to do so.
As well as representing phases of the moon, They are the constellations of the Indian lunar zodiac (ie: the constellations through which the moon passes, also called mansions) which were twenty-seven equal divisions of 800 each (at one time there were twenty-eight). A particular Naksatra, ----, was linked to every occurance -- One was propitious for marriage, Another for the commencement of a boy's education, Another for the beginning of ploughing season, Another for Festivals of the dead, etc.
To Whom Sacred: the constellations of the lunar zodiac.
Male Associate: Their consort is Candra, (Soma).

Here They are listed alphabetically:
Abhijit -- Anuradha -- Ardra -- Aslesa -- Asvini -- Bharani -- Citra -- Dhanishtha (or Sravishtha) -- Hasta-- Jyestha -- Krittika -- Magha -- Mrgasiras -- Mula -- Punarvasu -- Purva-Phalguni -- Purvashadha -- Purvbhadrapada -- Pushya -- Revati -- Rohini -- Satabhishaj -- Sravana -- Sravishtha (or Dhanishtha) -- Svati -- Uttara-Bhadrapada -- Uttara-Phalguni -- Visakha
{I don't think the names of lunar zodiac Naksatras can be the same as the Putrikas (see 0thers-P) of Daksa, Daughters of Daksa, because some of the Putrikas seem to be male. However as it's the only list I can find where They are shown below in their numerical and their ritual order indicated under main- entries.}
1st -- Krttika, Who is linked with Ganga.
2nd -- Rohini, Red-One, or 4th
4th -- Rohini, Red-One, or 2nd
6th -- Ardra, *rDR*, ----.
7th -- Aslesa, *SLA$*, ----.
11th Hasta, H1ST*, `Hand'. Star of doom.
12th -- Citra, CYTR*, {Speckled}.
15th -- Anuradha, 1NUR*DH*, ----.
17th --Jyestha, was earlier the 15th later the 17th Naksatra.
25th -- Abhijit , 1BHYJYT, ----.
27th -- Bharani, BH1R1NE, ----. (also called the 7th). A constellation of three stars and figured by the pudendem muliebre. Hostile rites should be performed under this Naksatra.

Source: Stutley HDH 43, 200-1, 266.

Sandhya, Juncture.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddess of twilight, omens and portents.
Male Associates: consort, Siva. Father, Brahma.

Savitri, Vivifier
Alternate meaning: She-Who-Animates.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.

worked on: September, June 1995; June 1992; July 1991.
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