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Kali, Black-One.
Alternate meanings: Black-Time.
[to Whom the eighth day of August, day 220, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani. Her most famous temple, the Kalighat, is in Calcutta.
Description: Space garmented Goddess on Whom the whole universe rests, arises out of and melts away into; She Who has stripped away all veils of illusion; Universal Mother Who frees from fear; Granter of the supreme realization of truth; Creatress and Destructrix; Prophylactic Goddess of all devouring time, the dance of death, and communicable disease; Eternal night; Eponym of Calcutta. In Her non-Brahmanical form She is tutelary deity of Bengal.
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Kali.
To Whom Sacred: seed-corn; crane; cobra; water-buffalo; sheep; pig; fowl; goat; originally human sacrifice; severed-human head (there is no escape from time); skull; noose; trident; the 50 letters Sanskrit writing-system (each of which is one of the skulls in Her necklace); the number 5; the colour black (space, the colour in which all distinctions are dissolved); crematoria; burial grounds.
Iconography: in Her frightful aspect She is hideous, emaciated, with extended tongue and fang-like teeth; Her four-arms holding noose, skull-topped staff, and severed head. She is also represented in a more benevolent form.
Male Associates: consort, Siva.

Source: HDH 59, 137-8; WG.RG/234. 483.
Bherunda, ----,

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.

Source: HDH/45.
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