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Coatlicue, She-of-the-Serpent-Skirt.
Alternate meaning: She-Whose-Garment-is-Woven-of-Snakes.
[to Whom the seventeenth day of August, day 229, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico (Mexico City 19.28n 99.09w) Adopted by the Aztecs.
Linguistic Note: coatl, 'snake'.
Description: Goddess of polarity, the earth that brings forth life and enfolds death; She in Whom genesis and decay are one; Creatress of the Universe; Ruler of the underworld; Mother of the stars, the sun and the moon; Mother of Deities; Inspirer of culture -- weaving and smithcraft in particular; Earth-quaker; Source of all goodness.
In the video The Goddess Remembered Coatlicue is described as "the filth eater", and it is also observed that She comes to the dying and consumes their wrong doing.
To Whom Sacred: snake; crown of feathers (by which She was impregnated); emerald; obsidian; human-skull.
Male Associates: Consort, Mictlantecuhtli. Sons: Huitzilopochtli, Humming-Bird-of-the-South, (the Sun), conceived with the aid of a crown of feathers which fell from heaven onto Her breast; and the Centzon-Huitznahuas, Four-Hundred-Southerners, (the stars).

Source: Duran BGRAC 471-7; M.EA/67, 242, 275; Graves (intro) NLEM 436; Bernal TYALM/24.
Atlatonan, ----.

Geography/Culture: Aztec.
Description: Goddess of the leprous and maimed.
Festival: September 14, on which a sacrifice was made to Atlatonan, ----.

Source: Durán BGRAC 222, 227.
Coyolxauhqui, Golden-Bells.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico, Aztec.
Description: Radiant and loving Goddess of the moon.
To Whom Sacred: cotton balls {I think}; golden-bells; solar ear-plugs.

Source: (26) page 82.
worked on: July, May, February 1995; August 1991; June 1990.
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