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Thalli-Yjolta, Beating-Heart-of-Earth.
[to Whom the fourteenth day of July, day 195, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Aztec.
Description: Goddess of earth-quakes; {continental plates, orgasms and other natural extremes}.
To whom are sacred:{continental plates and their movements}.
{Note: it may be that Thalli-Yjolta, and Tlazolteotl, are variant transcriptions of the name for the same Goddess, and that this Goddess is an aspect of Toci}

Tlazolteotl, Earth's-Heart.

Alternate meaning: Dirty-Lady.
Geography/Culture: America, North: Aztec.
Description: Fourfold Goddess of the moon, the earth, lustful pleasures and fertile filth; Eater of filth; Haunter of life's cross-roads; Absolver of sexual guilt; Mother of the sun; Matron of gambling, black-magic and all excesses.
To whom are sacred: cross-roads; tall-hat; broomstick; once in a life-time confession to one of Her priests; the month named ochpaniztli, 'clean-sweep'.
Icon: Tlazolteotl giving birth. Aztec statue of aplite set with garnets. Dumbarton Oaks, Washinton (Robt. Woods Bliss Coll).
Her four aspects are:
Teicu, Tiacapan, Tlaco and Xocutin.
Source: Funk & Wagnall SDFMC 1115; Grimal LWM 472.
Tlaco, ----.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Aztec.
Linguistic note: possibly Her name derives from Nahuatl tlacoloa, 'to prepare the land for cultivation'. The tlacololeros is a men's dance (still to be seen) which dramatizes the activites of the agricultural season in seven sequences, and is associated with Toci and Xilonen as agricultural deities.

Tzinteotl, ----.

Description: Goddess of origins and procreation.

worked on: July 1990; July 1991; May 1995.
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