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Orthia, Upright.
Alternate meanings: She-Who-Causes-Erections,
She-Who-Safely-Rears-Children-After-Birth, She-Who-Heals-the-Sick.
[to Whom the fifthteenth day of July, day 196, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Sparta: Laconia and Arcadia.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography, omicron-rho-theta-iota-alpha, (orthia). It has been speculated that the word refers to an 'erect' wooden idol (which had a phallic significance); other meanings are derived from Orthios as applied to Asclepius.
Description: Winged goddess of the moon, {perhaps} women, {perhaps} healing, birth, nature and its fertility; She Who causes and cures leprosy.
To Whom Sacred: willow; pear; the Tree of Life; bird (species unknown); eagle; snake; hare; boar, mechanical golden-boar; lion; horse (on which She is represented riding astride or sidesaddle); wreathe; human-sacrifice; the flogging of boys at Her altar (their blood and semen used to fertilise fields); the stone antipathes.

Source: EB2/664d; F,LF.S/49, 56, 58, 86, 120; G,R.GMv2/index; IGEL/567; N,E.GM/274. Check sources for individual sections; they seem to have become divorced from each other.
Agrotera, Roaming-the-Wilds.
Alternate meanings: The-Huntress.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography alpha-gamma-rho-omicron-tau-epsilong-rho-alpha, (agrotera), 'the huntress'.
Description: Goddess of {virgin-territory}, woods and mountains; Matron of wild nature and animals.
To Whom Sacred: lion; hind; boar; goat-sacrifice (five-hundred goats were offered to Her every year by the Athenians).

Source: Encyc Brit:Artemis; IGEL; F,LF.S 58.
Laphria, The-Forager.
Alternate meanings: She-Who-Wins-Booty

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Apparently Her name is related to Greek laphyra, 'spoils'.

Source: Graves GMv2 index; Kravitz WWRGM 172.
Lygodesma, Bound-with-Withies.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Sparta.
Linguistic Note: from lygos, vitex agnus castus, a willow-like tree, withy.

Ortheis, She-Who-Stirs-Up.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Nymph Goddess.
Male Associates: consort Hellen, Bright. Sons: Aeolus, ----, Dorus, ----, and Xuthus, ----.

Potnia-Theron, Mistress-of-Animals.
Alternate meanings: Queen-of-Wild-Beasts, Lady-of-the-Beasts, Goddess-of-the-Wild-Things.

Geography/Culture: Assyrian, Boeotian.
Linguistic Note: Latin equivalent Potens ferrarum. Potnia is a poetic title of honour, used chiefly in addressing Goddesses or ladies.
Description: Goddess of the earth, sea and sky; Lady of the lake; Protectress of wild animal life.
To Whom Sacred: fish; snake; duck; lion; bull; goat; swastika (thunder-cross).

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