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Ometeotl, {Those-of-Duality}.
[to Whom the sixteenth day of July, day 197, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico. From Toltec to Nahuatl (Aztec). Shehe seems to have lost Eris importance about the 13th century CE at the time of the Nahuatl domination.
Description: The original Divine Shehe; Giver of life, Ruler of the Everywhere; Parent of Deities and Humanity; Shehe Who is invisible as the night and impalpable as the wind, beyond the stars; Source of fecundity; Shehe Who is the Universal Mother; Unity of contraries.

Source: DWM.AC 187; MAW 249,266-7.
Omecihuatl, {Lady-of-Duality}.
Alternate meanings: Star-Skirted-Goddess, Ancient-Goddess.

Geography/Culture: America, North. Aztec.
Description: Creatrix of the world; Great Goddess of birth, spirituality and {astronomy}; Matron of human striving for eternal re-union with Her.
To Whom Sacred: tecpatl (the sacrificial obsidian-knife); stars.
Male Associates: Her first child was the sacrificial obsidian-knife which, when it fell to earth on the northern plains (from which the Aztecs came), shattered into 1,600 heroes, or some say giving birth as it fell to 1,600 gods). She also bore the four sun gods Xipe-Totec, ----, Camaxtli, ----, Quetzalcoatl, ----, and Huitzilopochtli, ----, missionaries of the 'Aztec vocation', associated with violence. Other sons, Tezcatlipocas, the 'Smoking-Mirrors', were gods of space and time. Her consort, is Ometecuhtli, Lord-of-Duality. {Possibly connected with Ometochtli, Two-Rabbit}, god of intoxication and gambling.

Source: Monaghan BGH 229; Duran BGRAC 306; GM.EN 182; Larousse WM 461.
Tonacacihuatl, Lady-of-Our-Flesh.

Male Associate: consort Tonacatecuhtli, Lord-of-our-flesh.

Source: Larousse 462.
worked on: July 1990; August 1991; June, July 1995.
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