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Chicomecoatl, Seven-Serpents.
Alternate meanings: Serpent-of-Seven-Heads, Seven-Headed-Serpent, Seven-Snakes.
[to Whom the sixteenth day of November, day 320, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico, (Mexico City 19.28n x 99.09w), Aztec.
Description: Goddess of the harm and hunger caused by barren years; She Who destroys the seed in the ground, or shrivels the young plants with frost.
But some say: Goddess of the Maize; Mother of rural plenty; Counsellor in the ways of wisdom; Protectress of the heroine souls of those who die in childbirth; Ruler of the underworld.
{Note: a Mexican folk tale tells of four women grinding corn for a harvest meal. As they about to discard the sooted corn -- corn infected with smut, a black fungus -- Corn-Soot-Woman, appeared to them and promised them that if they would keep the infected corn, all new ears would grow fat and plentiful. Perhaps Corn-Soot-Woman can be identified with Chicomecoatl, Seven-Serpents}.
To Whom Sacred: obsidian-knife; sun-emblazoned shield.
Festival: September 15 -- sacrifice to Chicomecoatl, Seven-Serpents, (Duran BGRAC 227).

Perhaps Triple with:
Chalchihuitlicue, She-of-the-Robe-of-Green-Jewels, and Xilonen, She-Who-Always-Walked-and-Remained-as-Fresh-and-Tender-as-a-Young-Ear-of-Corn.
Source: MS.AMWv1/85-6; Duran BGRAC/29, 222-3, 471. SNv137n13 207; Image: Bildarchiv Foto Marburg LWM 462.
Cihuacoatl, Snake-Woman.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico, Aztec.
Description: Matron Goddess of Xochimilco; She Who weeps at cross-roads; She Who is forever famished.
To Whom Sacred: garlands of cempoalxochitl or sempasuchil (orange marigold) ; fire; empty cradle; market; sacrificial obsidian knife; human sacrifice; buns in the form of hands, feet and faces (Her food); the colour white; Cihuateteo (women who die in childbirth); Tlillan ('The Place of Darkness' in which Her image was housed).
Iconography: Images made of stone with huge open mouth and ferocious teeth, hair long and bulky, wears blouse, skirt and mantle -- all white; perhaps always seated.
Festival: of Huey Tecuilhuit, July 18.
Male Associate: brother, Huitzilopochtli.

Source: DFD.BGRCA/171; NE.GM/198; LWM/471-2.
Ilamatecuhtli, ----.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico, Aztec.
Description: Goddess of death.

Source: GM.EN/167image, 198.
Llorona, She-Who-Weeps.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico, Aztec.
Description: She is said to haunt markets, clasping to Her heart an empty cradle, or the body of a child.

Source: LWM 427.
Xilonen, She-Who-Always-Walked-and-Remained-

Alternate meanings: Hairy-Mother, She-Who-Remained-a-Maiden-Without-Sin, She-Who-was-and-Lived-as-Delicate-and-Tender-as-a-Fresh-Ear-of-Corn.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Mexico. Aztec. Her worship was adopted from the Huastecs.
Linguistic Note: Xilotl, 'tender corn'.
Description: Ancient earth and fertility Goddess of the young maize-corn.
To Whom Sacred: maize-corn-cob; the silken tassels of ears of maize; ants (Quetzalcoatl is said to have stolen corn from the ants to give to mankind); ? {a word got lost here} (a shawl covering the breast and and back, worn like a triangular overblouse); the colour white (all the clothing of the woman who was sacrificed under this name was white).
Festival: mid-summer, the festival included human sacrifice to Her. {Probably a reference to Huey Tecuilhuit, July 18th, at which season the new maize-corn was ripe. It was a festival in honour of Cihuacoatl, Snake-Woman, during which a woman titled Xilonen, She-Who-Always-Walked-and-Remained-as-Fresh-and-Tender-as-a-Young-Ear-of-Corn was sacrificed}.
Male Associates: Cinteotl, god of maize, Her counterpart.

triple Goddess with:
Chalchihuitlicue, She-of-the-Robe-of-Green-Jewels, and Chicomecoatl, Seven-Serpents.
Source: BC.MA/238*; BI.TTYALM/211-12; Duran BGRAC/30, 212, 437-8; GR.NLEM/438, 438*.
worked on: October, June 1995; July, August 1991; June 1990.
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