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Teteovinnan, Grandmother-of-Birth.
Alternate meanings: Queen-of-Women, Our-Grandmother.
[to Whom the twenty-eighth day of July, day 209, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: North American -- Aztec. A church dedicated to Mary has been built on the site of one of Tetovinnan's temples.
Linguistic Note: innan, means 'birth'.
Description: Great Goddess; Mother of the Gods; Goddess of sweat-baths, child-birth, healing and prophesy; Matron of doctors, midwives, surgeons and fortune-tellers; Our Grandmother; She Who is the embodiment of Nature's healing powers; Mother of God; the Mother Moon; She to Whom mothers hold up their children praying for ever-renewed eternal life.
To Whom Sacred: corn-kernels (from the tossed patterns of which fortunes are told); the totoixitl herb; shell, (She wears a skirt of white shells); hot-springs; sweat-baths; 8-day-long dances; sun disk; shield (particularly the sun-disk represented on Her shield by a disk of gold).
Iconography: She is represented as wearing a skirt of shells and carrying a sun disk on Her shield.
Festival: (date unknown) -- Her festival is particularly celebrated by doctors, midwives, surgeons and fortune-tellers, with an eight day long dance at the midnight end of which the mortal incarnation of the Goddess before Whom the dance had been performed was sacrificed.

Source: Harding WMAM 100; Monaghan BGH 285; Neumann GM 182; Stone AMWv1 87.
worked on: July 1990; July 1991; May, July 1995
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